Investment assumptions

The subject of this investment is a development project for the construction of 9 semi-detached houses, in the village of Kębłowice – the bedroom of Wrocław. The value of the investment is PLN 7 million.

Our goal is to raise up to PLN 4 million to cover the down payment required by banks on a developer loan. This amount will be used in full for the purchase of the land and initial construction work.

Innovation for the 21st century

During talks with potential buyers and residents of the neighboring village, we heard that the biggest barrier to purchasing is the identical appearance of all houses within a dozen kilometers.

Therefore, our project will be different from them. The presented shape is a visualization of the effect that we intend to achieve.

Large glazing allows a lot of light into the house. Thus, the entire body of the building acquires a modern look. But that’s not all!

The second distinguishing feature will be the standard of performance. Our developer status assumes a furnished kitchen, which accelerates the moment of introducing new owners and reduces their costs.

The proximity of the city, the quiet of the suburbs

The drive to the borders of Wrocław takes exactly 5 minutes. The journey to the very center takes little more, less than half an hour.

This distance allows you to quickly get to your workplace, while also enjoying the tranquility of a suburban home.

On the other hand, you don’t really even have to go to Wrocław. In Smolec, 4 minutes away, there is everything you need – grocery stores, parcel lockers, kindergarten, primary school or even a regional railway station.

Limited time offer

All this means that the plots in the area are like „hot cakes”. A year ago, 1 m2 of land in this area cost PLN 100. Now the price has jumped to PLN 170. We managed to negotiate it up to PLN 135 / m2.

In addition, less than 20% of a total of 250 available plots with an area of 1000-1300 m2 is available.

Therefore, we subscribe for this investment until the end of 2020 or until the investment threshold of PLN 4 million is reached.

Invest from PLN 30,000

Earn 10% per year

The investment period is 2 years

Interest paid every 12 months


Company shares

We secure our investors in several ways. The first is their purchase of shares in our company, which we buy back after 12-24 months for a predetermined price.

If we do not buy the shares from the investor, he will have a share of the company’s profits. This profit would be much greater than the previously agreed 10%. Thanks to this, it is in our interest to buy the shares from the investor.

On the other hand, in this way, we avoid the possibility of fraud, in which the board members guarantee the security of investments with their assets, after which it turns out that none of them officially has any funds.

Safety buffer

Development investments operate at a margin of 20-30%. This means that the developer will achieve such a profit when everything goes well, but he can also reduce the selling price by this amount without touching the investors’ capital.

In such a situation, the developer earn nothing but investors receive capital along with the promised profit. It is a form of security, because who would not want a house with a 20-30% discount?

Periodic reports

With a developer loan, the bank will not issue another tranche of funds until it sees that the previous ones have been used. We do the same by sending monthly reports on what we allocated the funds for.

At the same time, we invite all our investors to the construction to see the progress.


The above elements are important, but in our opinion, experience is the most important. It determines what will happen when, for independent reasons, the project starts going wrong.

Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our current investments.

Our previous projects

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Our team

Robert Walas

A developer who managed huge investments throughout Europe. He coordinated the construction of housing estates worth over PLN 500 million. Currently, he wants to introduce foreign quality to the Polish backyard.

In our project, she will be responsible for planning and managing all processes, based on his over 20 years of experience.

Damian Krażewski

Shareholder of Manufaktura Inwestycji. Real estate and start-up enthusiast. For several years he has been running a property rental management company with a rent guarantee.

He also co-runs an advertising agency. As an advertising specialist, he will make sure that the offer to buy our houses reaches all possible people!

Damian Kość

Sales specialist. Damian will even sell the igloo to the Eskimos. The more he will cope with such a product as modern houses in a great location.

Privately, husband and father of 3 children with whom he lives 5 minutes from Kębłowice. A year ago he went through the process of buying a house himself and knows exactly what the buyers in this area care about!

Let’s talk!

Each investment is an important event. We perfectly understand that there are questions and doubts in your head. We are happy to talk to you about them. All you need to do is write to us via the contact form or call us on the phone number below.

Let’s make the money work for you!

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